We are extremely appreciative and thankful for the beautifully blooming Vancouver and Richmond landscapes. we pride ourselves in our locality and strive to consistently offer outstanding services that will better the green spaces of Vancouver and Richmond properties for years to come.

Vancouver has at least 30 various sort of street trees, of all shapes and sizes, varying from giant sequoiadendron, elm, maple, chestnut, oak and liriodendron to robinia, ash, hawthorn, birch, linden, beech and hornbeam. Each of these trees requires unique considerations, and being able to judge even the general type of the tree can be hard for those who are not extremely well acquainted with the study of trees, ferns and plants.

With streets named after trees themselves, Vancouver and Richmond are prime locations for any arborist company. There is an abundance of greenery here, all which requires delicate care and ongoing preservation.

In such a metropolitan and urban landscape as the Vancouver and Greater Vancouver regions of the Lower Mainland, we cannot jeopardize the beauty of nature as it is already relatively limited in comparison to other areas in Canada. So, upkeep and preservation methods are necessary. Finding innovative new techniques to prolong and sustain the lives of trees can truly benefit Vancouver. The tree-lined streets of Vancouver and large thriving backyards of Richmond residences are some of the most amazing wonders of the West Coast. Let’s not let that degrade.

Lots of municipalities require a licensed arborist report prior to approval of structure or restoration authorizations, rezoning applications, or tree removal. In the District of North Vancouver an arborist report is needed prior to pruning particular trees. Licensed arborist reports can also be prepared to show due diligence is applied where tree danger is doubtful. This extremely appreciated by Monkey Tree Services, as it makes it clear to residences and businesses that the livelihood of greenery is not a topic that British Columbia takes lightly. Clients also might request a report for a personal record of the outcomes of a thorough consultation on their trees.

There are big differences in qualifications, expertise, track record, standards, service and security. From tree elimination to tree health care,  Monkey Tree Services has been a relied on part of Vancouver and Richmond neighbourhoods.

We offer value-added services at competitive rates, make use of environmentally friendly techniques and materials, provide guidance from our Licensed Arborists– and we meet or go beyond the greatest requirements in the market, from the way we prune your hair to our insurance protection.

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Tree Bylaws

Click your city for details of Tree Bylaws and regulations, know your responsibilities and expectations of caring for your trees. These links will aid you in determining the best course of action relative to the care and management of your trees. These links will help outline civic expectations in order to be informed of rules and regulations governing trees in your municipality, don't do something to your trees that could end up with legal actions....stay informed.