Stump Removal Services

Depending upon the size of the stump, digging it out can take anywhere from a day or more to well over a week and make quite a mess.

Trying to by hand dig a stump out can result in a wasted weekend, a sore back and a damaged chainsaw. Digging or taking out a stump utilizing larger digging machines (e.g. backhoe) can be risky and might cause significant damage to nearby plant and tree root systems, underground utilities or perhaps neighboring structures (e.g. foundations, keeping walls, pathways and driveways).

If successful in drawing out the whole stump you will be left with a large hole to fill, extra devices expenses (e.g. backhoe, dispose truck), and the trouble of discovering a dump center that will allow a whole stump.

Using chemicals to rot out a stump is incredibly time consuming and hazardous to the environment.

Attempting to burn out the stump typically leads to a charcoal mess leaving the majority of the stump undamaged.

Stump grinding is the most safe, most efficient and efficient approach for the elimination of those undesirable stumps!

Following the safe removal of your tree(s) our certified Vancouver and Richmond stump removers can provide stump grinding services that are capable of accessing both little and large sites. We will remove all the hassle stump that had you stumped, and remove it quickly, cleanly and effectively.

Making use of specific turf-friendly machines the stump is ground into mulch, eliminating the stump 8″ to 12″ inches below ground level. This allows the building to be reclaimed as lawn or flower beds. Large, surrounding roots near to the surface area can likewise be cut, roots smaller than 4 – 5″ (10 cm) has to be gotten rid of using other methods.

Although it still takes some time, making use of a stump grinder for stump removal is often the very best choice.

The tree is first reduced with a bottom cut as close as possible to the ground in order to lessen the work for the stump grinder (6″-10″). The stump grinder features a heavy vertical disk with multiple teeth on it intended to stand up to high impact (like a really thick saw blade with gouging blades for breaking rather than great blades for cutting). The stump grinder spins at high speed while oscillating from side-to-side throughout the stump, eliminating a layer of tree stump on each pass. As the grinding continues, the stump grinder is moved further into the tree until it is totally through.

There are a number of great reasons to have your stumps and roots extracted:

  • Unpleasant stumps or exposed roots reduce the appeal and value of your house.
  • Spreading roots can threaten pathways, driveways and structures.
  • Exposed stumps and surface area roots are a possible security danger.
  • Lower prospective invasions from bugs (e.g. termites, ants, bees, bugs, rodents and a lot more).
  • Prevent further spreading of unhealthy wood to healthy trees and shrubs.
  • Cutting your yard will certainly be much easier, faster and safer.

Have a stump that’s got you stumped? Give us a call today to have it removed quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste money trying to pull, prod and poison it out. There’s no need to invest so many of your own man hours into a single stump when Monkey Tree Services has got you covered!

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